A new kind of Sisterhood

av Nadja Eriksson and Ingunn Tennbakk | The School of Feminine Pleasure

Welcome to The School of Feminine Pleasure with your hosts Pink and Cream (Ingunn Tennbakk and Nadja Eriksson)
The topic of today is Sisterhood and how we can support each other in growth and finding alignment with our Big She.

Through the writing of the book, Awaken Your Big She, Nadja and I have really learned a lot about sisterhood and how to support each other in raising the vibration instead of lowering our own vibration to accommodate the one who is feeling low. In this episode, we talk about sisterhood, co-dependence and what to do when you like you are on a higher vibration than your sister at the current moment. We also share our favorite tools for finding alignment and building a high vibe.

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